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  • New customers discount - 7%


You do not get further? We help!

Only self pick up possible?

You have arrived at "Delivery" in the order process and only have the option to select "Pick up"?

You may have chosen a server enclosure and another item.

For technical reasons, server enclosures cannot be ordered in combination with other FANTEC products. Also no accessories of server enclosures.

Please order your accessories in a separate order or contact our service to clarify the issue of shipping costs to your satisfaction.

Coupon redemption

Step by Step

1.) Where can I get a coupon?

- if you register with us as a new customer, you will receive, for example, in your registration email, a coupon code, which you can then redeem later in your basket.

After you register with us on fantecshop.de you will receive a mail that may look similar to this.

Pay close attention to read the mail from the beginning, because the code is located at the top.

In this example the code is: "123".

Remember the code or simply copy it.

2.) How do I use the coupon?

- Simply enter the code in your basket.

2.1) After you have decided on a product from FANTEC, now add it to your shopping cart.

2.2) Click on the basket button at the top right after you have placed your selected product in the basket.

2.3) If you have now clicked on the shopping cart icon, you are now in your basket.

On the left under the articles you will find the input field "Enter coupon code".

There you can enter the coupon code and click on "Redeem".

2.4) If you have redeemed the coupon code, the corresponding amount will now be deducted in the payment overview on the right.

Please note that coupon codes cannot be combined. Certain codes are not usable for all items.